Caltrans Quarter Century Club

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State Officers

Emil “Butch” Biendara
Paul Von Normann
1st Vice President
Francisco "CDR. Frank" Paras Jr.
2nd Vice President
Arlene Hartin

Mike Ogilvie
Chris Thomas
Peggy A. Veeder
Web Master Emeritus
Andy Machen
Web Master

About the Quarter Century Club

       Membership in the Caltrans Quarter Century Club is described in the club CONSTITUTION, and is comprised of employees of the State of California and others, active or retired, employed by the State for twenty-five or more years, fifteen or more with the Department of Transportation.

       A newsletter, "The QCCer", is published periodically by the club's state secretary featuring a President's message, news of happenings in the various Districts, current lists of State and District officers, guest articles, announcements of events such as weekly, monthly and annual District meetings and outings. Links to the Caltrans newsletter, CTNews and The Mile Marker, are also included.

       An application for membership and the annual membership renewal form can be accessed from the MEMBERSHIP link above.

       The STORIES link above is an index of stories posted on the various District websites.

       Each District's website, accessible from the links below, includes the names of officers and members, stories about member experiences, Caltrans news, and links to websites about the counties, cities and places in the Districts that might be of general interest.

Caltrans Quarter Century Club